Email Marketing Still Works! 3 Reasons to Keep Emailing Clients Despite New Privacy Rules

Welcome back! Now we’ll answer that key question: Considering Apple’s new privacy updates, is email marketing even worth it anymore? 

Here at Spotlight Branding, our answer is “Hell, yes!” We’ve said for years that email analytics are overrated. Why? Well, because while knowing your open rate and click-through rates can be helpful, the #1 benefit of an email marketing campaign isn’t the data it gives you. It’s the valuable content it provides to your email list. 

This content educates your readers, positions you as the expert, and keeps your firm top of mind. Ideally, the people on your list will open your emails to get the full impact of that content, but in truth, open rates matter less than you think. Your email marketing will still make a significant impact and bring you referrals and repeat business even if no one ever opens those emails. 

Just seeing your firm’s name and a subject line related to your practice area is enough to build your brand, remind people of what you do, and make a referral or repeat business more likely. Plus, everyone has email! And they’re probably more willing to hand over their email address than their phone number. This makes email just as valuable as the new, shiny strategy of text-message marketing. You’ll get better results if you use both. 

To put it succinctly, there are three reasons to keep emailing your clients, prospects, and referral partners even if email analytics go to the dogs. 

  1. Content matters more than open rates. 
  2. Even unopened emails make an impact. 
  3. Email is a reliable, universal way to stay in touch. 

Email may not be sexy or exciting, but it’s a tried-and-true marketing strategy that’s not going anywhere, and if it’s working for you today, it will still work just as well after the Apple update, even if you can’t track its impact. 

To learn more about the power of email marketing, reach out to our team today.

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