Evergreen Content: What Is It and Why It’s Okay to Repurpose It!

Many marketing companies out there will tout the importance of content, but their definition of “content” usually consists of a constant barrage of short blog articles on a current event that are stuffed with keywords to drive search engine rankings. These blogs are otherwise pretty worthless and don’t provide any value to the humans who are actually looking for information.

That’s why you need evergreen content.

Evergreen content gets its name from the evergreen trees, which remain fresh and vibrant even in the dead of winter. Like these trees, evergreen marketing content remains relevant for years after it is created. Instead of dwindling into Internet obscurity after a few weeks, these blogs and articles keep attracting traffic because the subjects never grow old.

Examples of evergreen topics include:

  • How is Property Divided in a California Divorce?
  • Accounting 101: Basic Tips for Small Business Owners
  • Injured in a Car Accident? Take These Five Steps to Preserve Your Claim
  • How to Create an Expense Report

Let’s assume that you’re an estate planning lawyer and a new client has asked you about the different trust options available. You know wrote a blog on the subject a couple of years ago, so you can simply pull that up and send it over. If done correctly, you may not even have to make any updates to the article! From there, she can choose the options that meet her goals, and you’re ready to start helping her plan.

Why Repurposing Content Is a Great Idea

When content is repurposed, it becomes‌ ‌MUCH‌ ‌easier‌ ‌to‌ ‌scale. ‌To put it another way: you don’t need to create every post, article, or infographic from‌ scratch. ‌One new piece of content can serve as the basis for multiple posts, videos, social media posts, and webinars, provided that the topic is evergreen. This is what we call “pillar content.”

Repurposing content has a number of advantages. Once you’ve taken a blog post and put a new spin on it, you can:

  • Reaching New Audiences: You can attract new clients by repurposing content and/or updating‌ ‌it.
  • Keep Spreading Your Brand Message: Repurposed evergreen content lets you continuously communicate with your audience using authoritative and high-value content.
  • Cementing Your Authority: It may get boring to you, but repeating the same message and showcasing the same expertise over and over will help people see you as that expert.
  • Improving Search Engine Visibility: You get more search visibility if you publish a variety of content. ‌Publishing your content on other sites can also result in‌ ‌valuable backlinks.

Repurposing 101: How to Do It

As soon as you decide which content to repurpose, the next step is to determine how to distribute‌ ‌it. Possibilities include:

  • Expanding on a blog post by turning it into a podcast
  • Making a short video version of an article or blog
  • Publishing an ebook
  • Updating old posts with new information
  • Use blog content for online courses
  • Create guest posts about topics you’ve already covered

Go back through your older content, identify the top-performing pieces, and give them new life. It’s a surprisingly simple exercise that can boost your site traffic and get you in front of new audiences.


There are millions of articles and other web pages published every day, making it more difficult than ever to stand out. ‌If you want to reach prospective clients, you need unique and timeless content presented in a variety of interesting ways. Once you get started, your search engine ranking -and your client base- can grow.

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