Feeling Burned Out Already? Rediscover Your “Why” to Get Your Mojo Back

When John Hinson, our Editorial Director, wakes up, the thing that gets him to roll out of bed and put his slippers on isn’t his morning cup of coffee: It’s the fact that each day at work, he has the pleasure of being a teacher. (He actually doesn’t even like coffee.) 

More than anything among his roles at Spotlight Branding, John loves taking on that role of educator and being the guy who can provide calm, clarity, and resources to other people. 

The love of teaching is his “why” — what’s yours? 

If you’re feeling a little burnt out right now, rediscovering your “why” — the thing that inspired you to become a lawyer or accountant in the first place, pointed you to your niche, and pushed you to keep going — will help you fall back in love with your job. It will also give your firm a boost by providing clear direction for where your life and business are headed. 

Your “why” probably isn’t the same as John’s. Maybe you’re a business lawyer because you were the child of entrepreneurs and love helping small businesses succeed. Maybe you’re an estate planner because you watched your family go through a horrible probate process when your grandfather passed and want to save other people from that experience. Or maybe you’re an accountant simply because you like to help others. 

Whatever your “why” is, you need to have a serious conversation with yourself about it now before it’s too late. Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this job every day? How am I contributing to my community? How am I making a difference?” Then, let your answers be your guide. (Pro tip: If you’re having trouble answering these questions, turn to your team. Their “whys” might point you to yours.) 

During a recent episode of our Center Stage podcast with author Michael Gerber, he and John talked about how each person’s “why” is at the root of all of their behavior, from their daily habits to their business decisions. You need to find your “why” now because it’s the key to achieving your goals. (You can find our full conversation in Center Stage Episode #55, “Uncovering the E-Myth with Michael Gerber.”) 

Whether you’re located in a small town or a big city, happy with the size of your firm or eager to grow, you need goals and direction to thrive. Your “why” will become the guidepost for all of your business decisions, including the most impactful one: choosing your marketing message. 

All of the messaging you include in your marketing should reflect your “why.” It’s the secret sauce that gives you authenticity and personality, and it keeps you from looking like just another boring, self-centered ambulance chaser. Instead of alienating your audience, your “why” will bring them closer. 

Focusing on your “why” will also ensure that your marketing is forward-facing and forward-thinking. It will never get stale because it’s driven by your momentum. No one wants a lawyer who is stuck in the past. They want someone ambitious who wants to resolve their case as badly as they do. If you share that you’re fighting for them on behalf of your entrepreneur parents or because you’ve been in their shoes, for example, your message will resonate. 

It’s possible that your “why” will surprise you. Maybe you’ll realize you’re in the wrong line of work or that you want to overhaul your firm completely. That’s okay! Go after what you’re truly passionate about—you’re not doing anyone any favors by working away in misery.

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