Fill Your Office with Amazing Sound with Sonos Speakers

When it comes to the kind of environment you’re trying to create in your firm, setting the right mood with the music plays a big part. Whether you choose to have a specific Spotify playlist on in the background or you prefer more ambient sounds, you need to have a great sound system in place to amplify it.

We have several Sonos One speakers in our office, and they are amazing. We can control all of the speakers within the Sonos app (on mobile or desktop) and can either connect all of our speakers to the same playlist, or have each department play their own music. We even have the speakers play a part in our office culture by having a “DJ of the day.”

The Sonos speakers provide amazing, deep, rich sound that carries through the office surprisingly far. Even if you have several offices in your firm, you may only need one speaker in the main lobby. And while these units can be a bit pricey, they absolutely deliver on quality.

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