Four Reasons Why You Need to Define Your Ideal Clients Before Running PPC Campaigns

This article was submitted by Brent Baltzer from Baltzer Marketing. Since 2014, the PPC experts at Baltzer Marketing have been helping law firms dominate Google Ads, bring in highly qualified leads, sign new cases, and exceed their revenue goals.

A customer avatar, or ideal client persona, is a profile of the perfect client for your law firm. There are usually multiple ideal client avatars based on things like your service areas (“uncontested” vs. “contested” for family law, for example).

When you have a clear, well-defined ideal client, it empowers your employees and vendors to focus their marketing message and to reach the kinds of prospects that align with your business goals (and avoid the ones that do not).

In this article, I will discuss why having an ideal client is so important in terms of running successful pay-per-click campaigns.

1. It helps with targeting settings

There are a lot of settings in Google Ads, such as geography, age, and even household income. When you know who your ideal client is, you can use that information to focus your ad budget on people who are more likely to become a good client for you and waste less on those who are not likely to hire you. 

2. It helps create more effective ads

The more you know about the person you are writing for, the better you can resonate with them. When you have a good client avatar, you can focus your copy so that it attracts the clients you want while avoiding the kind of prospects you cannot help.

Many PPC managers struggle with driving a high number of “conversions” (leads) that do not turn into paying clients. This is because they are focused on KPIs within Google Ads rather than the end results for your business. Focusing on your ideal client might drive a lower quantity of raw leads, but it will drive a higher quantity of quality leads and will put more money in your bank account.

3. It helps keep your marketing message consistent across teams

Going through the process of creating client avatars forces you to get clear on who you want to speak to. Then, you can give these avatars to everyone who communicates with potential customers. Everyone will be on the same page and be able to project a consistent message, from the person writing the ad to the person answering the phone.

4. It saves time

Creating client avatars and keeping them updated saves time because you won’t have to repeat yourself. When you hire new staff, you can give them the client avatars. They can refer to these over and over which will reduce mistakes and get them up to speed much more efficiently.

What Next?

There are many more reasons to create client avatars, but I think I have made my point – you need client avatars if you are delegating client-facing tasks to other people, whether it’s a vendor or your own staff!

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