Frustrated with Marketing That Doesn’t Work? Our Third Law of Content Marketing Can Help!

For the last two months, we’ve introduced you to two of the four laws of content marketing. In January, we talked about how “content is king” and explained why content is more vital now than ever. Then we explained why “focusing on people, not search engines” is key if you want to win over clients. That brings us to the third law of content marketing: shared success.

Content doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and neither does your in-house content creator or the marketing agency you hired. That’s why this law teaches that simply creating content isn’t enough. In order to find marketing success, you need to share responsibility for that content and its impact on the world. Let us give you an example.

Here at Spotlight Branding, we create compelling blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, and videos for our clients. It’s fantastic content, but we can’t make it succeed by ourselves. If you don’t give us a list of your contacts (in other words, if you don’t share some of the responsibility), that content won’t go anywhere, and its impact will be minimal. Viral content is a rare exception to this rule.

To really level up your campaign, you need to share that responsibility continuously. That means taking the initiative to continue growing your network and investing in adjacent marketing campaigns. When you share the effort on the back end, you also share the ultimate success!

This idea of “shared success” might not sound sexy, but the results are undeniable. Content marketing is an interplay. It enhances your whole brand. Each piece of your content plays off of your network, engagement, other pieces of content, and other marketing initiatives. To put this law of content marketing to work, stop asking, “Is my content marketing campaign working?” and start asking these questions instead:

  • How is this content marketing campaign helping or hurting my other campaigns?
  • What can I do to share the responsibility for this campaign in order to share in its success?

That brings us to one last question: How do you measure success? Next month, we’ll explain it all (including the mistakes you’re probably making) with the fourth law of content marketing.

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