Fully Understand Your Marketing by Tracking the Data That Matters!

This is going to sound like a clickbait article, but bear with us. Here’s the secret marketing companies don’t want you to know about!

Marketing companies like to throw a lot of data at you and then gloat at how their work has resulted in an increase in various metrics. Unfortunately for you – a lot of that data is useless. Those numbers are mostly for vanity and don’t really give you any insight into how well your marketing is doing.

It’s understandable. After all, it’s easier for a marketing company to try to get you to focus on data that isn’t making you money as long as those numbers are contorted to make themselves look good. This might hurt your feelings, but the following data points you’ve likely been tracking for years aren’t really contributing to your overall success:

  • Open Rate – When it comes to your emails, an open rate doesn’t pain the entire picture. Open rates only account for – obviously – people who open your email. It doesn’t tell you who saw your email enter their inbox and then for whatever reason ignored it. However, the fact that they still saw your email has value because they were still reminded you existed.
  • Bounce Rate – Of course you want people to navigate to multiple pages of your website in a single session, but if you’re consistently posting blogs, videos, and other educational information on social media and through various other channels, the chances of you having a higher bounce rate is pretty high. And that’s okay! People need to have several interactions with you before they are moved to take action.
  • Website Visitors – You should be wary of any marketing company that tells you they will increase your web traffic. If you see your visitor numbers climb and climb without ever plateauing, something fishy is going on. Regardless of your market size, your website will only attract so many visitors. SEO companies have been guilty of sending irrelevant traffic to sites through backlinking and other tactics just to boost traffic numbers.

So what data should you be tracking? It’s simple – whatever numbers that provide a direct result from your marketing efforts. Whatever you’re paying your marketing company to do is what you should be tracking. If a company promises 100 leads each month, that’s what you should track. 

Because we focus on increasing referrals and attracting better clients, people who work with us should track the number of referrals they receive and their average case value. Why is it that simple? Because that’s we’re getting paid to do. 
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