Give, Give Some More, Then Ask 

Before you read anything else, please visit our company website, schedule a consultation, meet with one of our employees, and choose us for your content marketing. Did you do it? I doubt it, but I began the blog to show you how unlikely it is to simply turn a prospect into a paying client by asking. Many lawyers will use social media with us and insist that many of our posts should get people to call them and book consultations by asking for it outright. If it worked, I would do it, but it doesn’t.

The impetus behind content marketing is to provide value to your audience before asking for anything in return. (Sometimes, you won’t have to ask at all.) When you do this, you build trust and nurture relationships, which are components of long-term success. By sharing educational and useful information, you attract and engage people, making them more likely to choose your firm when the time is right. 

The Power of Giving 

Giving is a central piece of content marketing. Your content should share valuable information so future clients can solve problems and make informed decisions. This could be through blog posts, videos, newsletters, or social media content. You position your business as a helpful resource by consistently providing valuable content.

Continuing to give valuable content keeps your audience engaged and builds loyalty. When people see that you consistently provide helpful information, they are more likely to return to your website, follow your social media channels, and open your emails. This ongoing engagement strengthens their relationship with your firm.

Consistently putting out blogs, resources, videos, and other content helps prospective clients understand how your firm is uniquely positioned to resolve their legal issues. It also enables you to build loyalty and retention with clients you have previously worked with—who can also refer you to their friends, family, and colleagues. 

The internet completely disrupted the way customers research products and make purchasing decisions. Historically, companies relied on traditional sales and advertising tactics such as TV and print ads or face-to-face relationship building to drive sales. Seth Godin referred to this as interruption marketing. But, the internet has made information broadly available so people can do their own research without needing to engage directly with an organization unless they want to.

The Right Time to Ask 

After consistently giving value, asking people to book a consultation is appropriate. When you read blogs, you will notice that the last paragraph is when someone is trying to sell you something. By the end, your audience trusts you and is more likely to respond positively to your request.

Content marketing is important today because it reaches clients who do their own research. Compelling content motivates prospects to learn more and ultimately convert. Create a content strategy that supports your firm’s overall marketing plan. A content strategy typically includes audience personas, topics, channels for distribution, and a publishing schedule. 

How About Now?
If you go back and read our past blogs, I don’t always end them with a call to action. In other words, I don’t always ask the reader to contact our office and schedule a time to talk with us about marketing. However, for this one, I will only do so because I want to highlight the right time to ask. If you got any value out of this post about content marketing and would like to continue this conversation with us, we would be happy to do so. We’ll discuss how we can write blogs, create social media posts, make videos, and create educational and value-based content for your firm.

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