How YOU Can Be a Podcast Guest

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Podcasts are all the rage to offer timely insights and promote your practice.

Why be on a podcast?

  • Reach potential clients
  • Keep in touch with referral sources
  • Share perspectives with other attorneys

Perhaps the most compelling reason is that recorded programs are available to an unlimited audience, not only those who attend an in-person program on a given date.

There is a podcast for seemingly every audience and a host who is eager to book you on the program.

Like industry publications, podcasts focus on a defined group that wants the latest information about how to Save Time, Save Money and Make More Money. Consider whether you wish to speak to individuals, business owners or corporations and find the relevant shows.

Podcast hosts are always looking for attorneys to share valuable insights with their audience, for free, of course. 

Therefore, your pitch to the podcast host must focus on the real benefits that listeners will perceive from hearing your thoughts.

Perhaps you are an employment attorney on the business side: your pointers regarding a contract with a candidate subject to a non-compete agreement with a former employer will help the new company build a better future in terms of revenue growth, operations and other areas of that new employee’s experience.

This is very valuable advice in a market where talent is scarce and employers are concerned about violating such agreements.

Reach Out to the Podcast Host

Here’s a message you can use to get the hosts’ attention, with some commentary: In this scenario, Jenny Green offers guidance on contracts and wills for health care professionals. She wants to connect with doctors, dentists and psychologists, as well as the accountants and finance professionals who advise them.

Your podcast caught my eye (and ear) as a source of best practices in management and financial issues for health care professionals and their advisors.
(Clearly state that you listened to prior podcast episodes and are aligned with the audience.)

As an attorney, I advise doctors, psychologists and dentists on contracts to help them protect the value of their practice and on wills to secure their assets for their families.
(Here’s why the podcaster should interview you.)

Perhaps your audience would find my tips and perspective helpful.

Sample topics are: (be specific)

  • A complex idea that people need to know more about
  • A strategy that few are doing correctly
  • A tactic that will have long-term benefits

I have previously spoken on these podcasts and at events for health care professionals:

  • Names of podcasts
  • Health care professional membership group 
  • Local business networking group

(With these hot topics and your proven experience as a speaker, who can turn you down as a guest? Even if you have not been on a podcast before.)

Please let me know of your interest in having me as a guest on your podcast, which I will then promote on social media, in advance and after the broadcast.
(You will share the episode with your audience and thereby grow the podcaster’s listener base.)


Jenny Green, Esq.

Now, imagine yourself in the podcast host’s seat. Every week (or two), you need to locate speakers whose background and insights will interest your listeners. Where will you find them?

You receive an unsolicited email from an attorney who has experience that is aligned with your audience’s interests and appears to be an authoritative source. She mentions some scintillating topics that you have not covered recently, if at all. You review her website and deem her to be a potential guest.

All that remains is to reply to the introductory email, schedule a preparatory call and set the date to record the podcast.

Directories of Podcasts

Where can you find the most relevant podcasts for the individuals, business owners or companies that you wish to advise? Search online directories to find the ones focused on your target market. Start with these listings, as compiled by Ilise Benun of

In addition, you might search the web for Ten Best Podcasts in (name of industry).

Voila! Now that you are off on the adventure of being a podcast guest, you can use these tips: It’s Showtime! Prepare for a Podcast.

Janet Falk is Chief Strategist at Falk Communications and Research in New York. She develops and implements proactive media relations strategy for law firms to attract clients and to put pressure on opposing counsel in litigation. Contact her at or 212-677-5770.

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