How to Make the FAQ Videos Your Leads Want to See

Videos are an ideal way to reach current and potential clients. According to WordStream, people spend about one-third of their time online watching videos, and Forbes reports that over half a billion people watch videos on Facebook every single day. In our experience, FAQ videos are the most effective at building relationships because they answer the questions your clients and leads are already asking. So, how can you make your own FAQ videos and cash in on that client-converting power? 

Well, you have two options. First, you could outsource the process by hiring a professional film crew to set up the lighting, shoot the footage, and edit it for you. We do this all the time for our clients. However, this is absolutely NOT necessary for success. The second option is to create your own FAQ video in three steps: 

1. Gather your equipment 

By “equipment,” we really just mean your smartphone. In this day and age, selfie videos with imperfect sound quality are ubiquitous, and you’ll even get points for being more real and approachable. That said, if you want to go above and beyond, then you can easily buy a smartphone tripod and clip-on microphone online. 

2. Press ‘record’ 

It’s that easy! You’ll want to have a question or two in mind, but we don’t recommend scripting your videos. They’ll look stilted and you won’t be as relatable. Instead, pretend someone has just asked you the question and give your answer casually. Don’t worry about cuts or doing multiple takes. Aim for between 30 seconds and two minutes of footage. 

3. Edit (or don’t)

After filming, you can upload your video directly to your website or social media. There’s no need to edit unless you want to! If you feel like adding graphics, though, then download a free video editor. 

How simple or complex your FAQ videos are is up to you. If this process stresses you out, then we’re happy to do it for you! Give our team a call and we can send a film crew to your office to knock out a whole set of videos in an afternoon.

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