How to Market Your Firm as a True Solo

When you’re a sole practitioner, you’re responsible for running every aspect of your firm by yourself. That includes everything from client acquisition to case management and even marketing. 

Let’s talk about marketing in particular. As a solo practice, you can’t afford to overlook it, especially when you’re competing with larger law firms to represent clients in the same types of matters: personal injury lawsuits, criminal defense cases, family law issues, and more. To secure these clients, you need a marketing strategy that goes beyond word of mouth alone.

Being a team of one adds a new definition to the term “multitasking,” but there are ways you can incorporate marketing into your daily workload without compromising the work you do for clients. These four tips take little time to implement but can have a significant impact on your marketing results.

Tip #1 – Identify Your Ideal Client

Who do you want to target? Divorced dads seeking custody of their children? Creative professionals wanting to protect their intellectual property? Business owners in search of a detailed estate plan?

Once you’ve defined your ideal client, create content that speaks to them. This includes blogs, social media posts, and FAQ videos. You can even do guest posts on sites aimed at your target audience, such as Divorced Moms. The more targeted your content, the more likely it is to inspire the reader to trust you and reach out.

Pro tip: Not sure where to start? Download our Ideal Client Checklist!

Tip #2 – Target the Right Social Media Platforms

There are several social media platforms, but which one is popular with your target audience? Facebook is a general platform that’s great for most practice areas, LinkedIn caters to more professional users, and Instagram is great for highly visual disciplines like entertainment law. If you want to make short informational videos, you can’t go wrong with YouTube or TikTok. Pick a couple that make the most sense for your practice type and post regularly to build your audience. 

Tip #3 – Get a Website That Truly Represents Your Brand

Your website makes your firm’s first impression. Even if you meet someone in person and give them a business card, the first thing they’ll do is look you up online and check out your website. A clunky, confusing, and poorly designed website will turn people away and make your job a lot harder.

Tip #4 – Automate

An active social media presence is important, but it can be difficult keeping on top of everything. Fortunately for the busy solo, there are apps and services like HootSuite which let you schedule your posts weeks and even months in advance. You can set everything up at once and let the service automatically post your content according to a schedule you create.

Get Your Marketing on Track Today

Sole practitioners are often pressed for time, but with these actionable tips, you can create and manage a successful marketing plan. A few minutes here and there may be all it takes to create a momentum that leads to growth.

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