In the Midst of Dirt Cheap Legal Providers, Don’t Panic.

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The legal profession is changing rapidly. High levels of competition combined with rapid changes in technology have created unprecedented market conditions. Not only are there more practicing attorneys in the United States than ever before, but the emergence of “DIY” legal services such as LegalZoom and RocketLawyer have created extremely low-cost (or even free) legal solutions for many consumers.

Now here’s the thing: most of these forces are beyond your control. There’s not much you can do to stop change from arriving. What you can control is your response. And believe it or not, there’s an opportunity presenting itself in the midst of this rapid evolution. Most lawyers react to these market forces by panicking, lowering their rates, chasing any potential client with a pulse, and essentially becoming commodities.

That’s the opposite of what you should be doing.

Instead, commit to building a brand and a reputation that positions you as the “go-to” guy or gal in your market. When you establish your brand as a leading expert, when you find a way to provide unique value to your clientele, price becomes much less important because you’re not a replaceable commodity anymore.

Now let’s talk about how to make that happen.

Narrow Your Focus

Focusing in on a single practice area, or at least a group of related practice areas is an important first step in creating a powerful brand identity. You cannot and will not be perceived as an “expert” if your focus is too broad.

Create A Website That Reflects Your Status

For many potential clients and referral sources, your website will create the first impression of your law firm. And for many more, it will play an important “confirming” role in shaping perception – because when you meet someone in person, often the very next step they take if they’re thinking about hiring you (or referring work to you) is to look you up on the internet.

Become Visible On Social Media

Social media is the perfect tool for building your online brand. In addition to your website, it’s the other area of your internet presence that’s going to most shape your perception in the marketplace. You might be surprised to learn how many potential clients and/or referral sources look you up on LinkedIn, check out your Facebook page, or follow you on Twitter. So first and foremost, it’s important that your social media presence is congruent with your brand.

Launch A Podcast

Podcasting has exploded as a media source – iTunes reports over one billion subscriptions, and hundreds of millions of plays per month. Launching a podcast geared towards your target market is an effective strategy that you can use to educate potential clients, keep them engaged, and build your credibility at the same time.

Write A Book

There’s arguably no greater tool to establish your credibility and your expertise in your area of practice than publishing a book. Being able to add the label of “author” to your bio is a huge leap forward! While writing and publishing a book may sound overwhelming, chances are that you have a good amount of content that you have created over the years which could be re-purposed into a book.

In conclusion, unprecedented change is sweeping through the legal profession. Between the growing oversupply of lawyers in the marketplace, the emergence of dirt-cheap online providers, and the growing popularity of third-party “find-a-lawyer” apps, you’re all-but-certain to feel a pinch. The good news is that you don’t have to accept it.

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