Increase Conversion on Your Website!

Your website is often your firm’s first impression on a prospective client. At Spotlight Branding, we design our websites to capture client information in many ways, including a free resource, an e-newsletter signup, and contact forms positioned throughout the site.

Another way you can convert visitors to prospects on your website is by utilizing a chat function. There are several technologies out there that provide this service, and they all come with a variety of features.

For example, we have partnered with Apex Chat, a company that specializes in chat service for the legal industry. Apex supplies representatives that are informed in advance of your firm’s rules for engagement (such as office hours, contact processes, etc) and work to gather information from people who initiate a chat.

There are other platforms out there that allow you (or someone in your office) to engage with website visitors, and others that even convert chat sessions to a text conversation on your phone. The possibilities are practically endless, you just need to do a little research!

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