Internet Marketing 101: Don’t Let Your Website Content Be an “Afterthought”

When it comes to creating a well-branded, lead-generating website, the actual design and functionality of the website is only half of the equation. The content of the website is equally as important. Yet many business owners focus their energy and their resources on the appearance of the website, and treat the content as an afterthought. The truth is that, whether your website is designed to sell products, generate leads, build your brand, or all of the above, good content is every bit as important as good design.

Below are three tips to keep in mind when it comes to creating effective website content:

1) Differentiate, differentiate, differentiate. Why should your visitors do business with YOU – instead of your competition? Remember, a visitor to your website will rarely visit yours and yours alone—the typical consumer browses several websites before making a decision. It’s crucial that your website tell a compelling story to your potential customers so that they’ll choose you over the competition.

2) Focus on the benefits you offer, not the specs. Your customers don’t care about the specifications of your product or service. They care about the benefits that they will receive when they choose to make a purchase. If you are selling laptops, for instance, specs would include the speed of the processor, the size of the hard drive, and the screen resolution. Don’t emphasize these details—instead, focus attention on the computer’s ability to store priceless family photos and home videos, its ability to run complex programs and games, and the great viewing experience for videos and games it will provide. (Yes, usually you need to include the technical details—but you can do this in smaller print at the bottom of the page). As the saying goes, don’t tell them about the shovel—tell them about the hole they’ll be able to dig.

3) Write for your audience, not for yourself. Your audience may not speak the same “language” as you do. This is particularly true for accountants, lawyers, and other industries that involve complex technical work. Don’t write content for yourself or for your peers—write for your target customer, using language that they can make sense of. If a website visitor can’t understand what you’re saying, they’ll move on to someone else who can explain themselves more clearly.

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