Is Your Website Begging for a Refresh? 3 Signs You Need a Redesign for 2022

You’ve heard “new year, new you,” but how about “new year, new website”? January is the perfect time to come up with your 2022 digital marketing battle plan — and your website is the shaft of that spear! If it’s not strong, your campaigns will crumble the second leads arrive on your home page. Here are three signs you’re in desperate need of a redesign. 

Red Flag No. 1: Your website doesn’t match your brand persona

If you want to come across as professional and reserved to your clients, then you don’t want a website full of bright colors and legal puns! Similarly, if you want to appear laid-back and approachable, you don’t want a buttoned-up website full of legal jargon. 

To find out if your website raises this red flag, visit your page and ask yourself, “Is it clear what kind of a person I am and how I can help people?” Maybe your website matches up with who you used to be but not who you are today. If you’ve changed your marketing message or pivoted to a different niche, for example, your website needs a redesign. 

Red Flag No. 2: Your design is boring and outdated 

Websites are like cars — they start to go out of style the second you drive them off the lot. If your website is more than 2 years old, then the layout, design features, and user experience probably feel outdated to visitors. Invest in a refresh to bring your site up to industry standards and cash in on the latest trends, like hyper-modern elements and asymmetrical design. 

Red Flag No. 3: Your website doesn’t reflect your marketing goals

If you believe in the power of content marketing and speaking directly to the clients who will pay your bills, but your website is stuffed full of SEO keywords and backlinks, you have a problem! Your website needs to align with your overall marketing strategy. Here at Spotlight Branding, we believe in marketing to people, not SEO robots. If you’re stuck with a marketing goal mismatch and want to fix it, reach out to us today.

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