It’s Time to Spill Your Secret Sauce! How Sharing Firm Secrets Will Win You New Clients

Most lawyers tend to think of their in-house tricks, processes, and procedures as the secret sauce that makes their firms tick. They hoard these things like hot sauce connoisseurs stocking their cupboards for the apocalypse. But these clandestine stashes of knowledge can be put to better use. Here’s our controversial option: Sharing your company secrets is a smart marketing move. 

If your head is exploding right now, just hear us out! Yes, it’s scary to share the most hard-won pieces of your expertise on social media, through blog posts, or on a podcast. You might be worried potential clients will take your information and attempt to represent themselves, or maybe you’re scared competitors will steal your procedures. But both risks are miniscule compared to these gains:

1. You’ll gain respect by positioning yourself as the expert 

Sharing your knowledge and advice makes you appear wise, generous, and experienced. These are all qualities clients look for in a lawyer. 

2. You’ll attract a larger following

People love free tips! If you share them, you’ll attract more followers for your social media accounts and mailing lists. 

3. You’ll cash in on leads who attempt your strategies themselves and fail

Some people will take your advice and attempt to represent themselves. But when they do, odds are they’ll mess it up — and you’ll be their first call.

Sharing your firm’s secret sauce is a win-win. You’ll walk away with happier clients, more followers, and a better reputation. You’ll also make more of a contribution to your profession and the world. You became a lawyer to help people, right? And you get up in the morning because you’re passionate about what you do? Well, by sharing your secrets, you’ll reach even more people! It’s a selfless and effective way to do business. As the Bible puts it, “Give and it shall be given unto you.” 

Here at Spotlight Branding, we believe in this strategy so much that we’re constantly giving away advice, worksheets, and tutorials. To get some of that secret sauce now, visit our Free Resources page.

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