Just Starting Out on Your Own? Why Focusing on Something Other Than SEO Is Best for a Solid Foundation

By now, you’re likely aware that we’re firmly against SEO as a primary marketing tool for attorneys. And while we believe this is a universally applicable belief, it is especially true for small firms and attorneys who have recently started their own firm.

Why is that? It’s simple: The more money you spend on SEO, the better your rankings will be. As a new or smaller firm, you likely don’t have the marketing budget to compete with the mega firms, who are absolutely spending the bulk of their marketing spend on SEO.

That’s why we focus on what we call an “internet foundation.” If you think of your law firm’s online presence like a house, you need a solid foundation for which to build upon. This is where your website plays a major role. It serves as the key foundational piece upon which you’re building your entire brand.

From there, building your referral base with various marketing channels will allow you to grow your business from the inside out. People who know and trust you will send you better business, as opposed to Google, who will only send you people who are price shopping and likely won’t remember who you are in six months (especially if you’re not staying top-of-mind with them).

So what should you do instead? Of course we recommend the services we offer, such as blogging, email newsletters, videos, and social media. But there’s so much more you can do as a new or small law firm to market yourself, such as:

  • Networking – It isn’t a dying art form. Networking is a great way to get out there, meet new potential sources of business, and let people know you’re there to serve them
  • Speaking engagements – Putting on a monthly event at your firm or reaching out to organizations about possible opportunities is a great way to get your name out there and establish your expertise and credibility. Business groups are always looking for speakers. Churches are a great place to discuss estate planning. The opportunities are out there, you just have to go find them.
  • Writing a book – Even if it’s just 100 pages or so, writing a book shows people that you’re an expert and adds so much more credibility to your firm. Even more, the cost to publish a book is less than you think.

Don’t let the loud, overbearing voices of other marketing companies fool you – there is so much more to marketing than SEO. Don’t throw your hard-earned money into the SEO pit only to receive the exact kind of business you don’t want to take. Instead, diversify your marketing. Put some time and effort into it. The internet is convenient, but it’s not easy – you still need to make an effort in order to get your name out there and make sure people know about you.

If you have additional questions about this and other forms of marketing, contact us today!

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