Keep Your Firm’s Momentum Going Through the Holidays: 4 Boxes to Check to Unlock Your Best Month Ever

“He’s making a list, and checking it twice …” 

No, we’re not talking about Santa Claus! Here at Spotlight Branding, that little ditty describes our CEO, Marc Cerniglia. You see, Marc has noticed that a lot of law firms let their growth slow during the holidays. They figure, “Ah well, no one is thinking about their cases right now anyway,” and they put their feet up and coast until January. This is a marketing nightmare! 

When you give up on your marketing during the holidays, you miss a key opportunity to get a jump on your competition and grow your firm through the end of the year. To that end, we’ve put together a holiday checklist for you. 

  1. Call 5–10 people in your network to check in. 

The holidays are a great excuse to reach out to your network and put your firm top of mind. This month, pick out between five and 10 past clients, referral sources, and colleagues to call, text, or email. Yes, they might be busy with holiday plans, but odds are their schedules have slowed down enough that they’ll take your call (and maybe give you a referral).

  1. Attend at least one networking event (virtually or in person). 

If you can find a networking event in your area, grab your mask and take the leap this season! Odds are attendance will be low, and you’ll have a great opportunity to connect with the eager people who do show up. If you’re not comfortable meeting face-to-face, sign up for a virtual event or Zoom party to grow your network.

  1. Double down on creating content. 

Oh, you have some down time? Perfect! You can finally write that blog, shoot that video, or make that social media post you’ve been putting off. This is the moment to double down on your content creation because more people will be at home scrolling their social media feeds.

  1. Hire Spotlight Branding. 

Okay, we’re just kidding — well, kind of! It doesn’t have to be us, but it IS a smart move to hire a marketing service to kickstart or upgrade your marketing during the holidays. If you put it off until next year, Q1 will inevitably get crazy and it will end up on the back burner indefinitely. 

Can you tick off every box? If you do, your efforts will pay dividends in 2021.

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