Law Firm Blogging Basics: How “Sophisticated” Should Your Blogs Be?

Despite the increase in popularity of video-based content, blogging remains an integral part of a law firm’s marketing strategy. However, there’s a common misconception among lawyers that your blog content needs to be highly sophisticated and demonstrate how smart you are.

The truth is that you’re not writing for other lawyers or even your clients, but for your prospects. The fear of judgment from colleagues often drives the level of sophistication in the content. Yet, this sophistication could be serving your peers more than your prospects.

We hear it all the time. Lawyers often fear that a lack of sophistication in blog content might diminish their value or negatively impact their reputation. However, this perspective is what can actually harm your outreach rather than the content itself. Your prospects may find the content too sophisticated, hindering their understanding and thus deterring them from availing of your services.

Of course, there are exceptions. Some firms deal with high-end prospects who demand a certain level of sophistication. These could be people from academia or the tech industry. In such cases, the content must meet their expectations. But even then, it’s not about complicating things. It’s about presenting complex information in an easily understandable way—and we mean easily understandable for them, not you and other lawyers.

Here’s where working with a copywriter comes into play. As a lawyer, you can rely on them to craft content that hits the right note with the right people. When you work directly with a copywriter, they can pick your brain to understand the phrases, buzzwords, and specific jargon that resonates with your audience.

Remember, the goal of your blog is to bridge the gap between you and your prospects, not widen it with complex jargon. It’s time to redefine your law firm’s blog. It’s time to tailor your content for your prospects and not your peers.

It’s important to remember who you’re writing for. Shift your focus from pleasing peers to engaging prospects, and witness how this fresh perspective can positively impact our outreach. We can make this happen for you, just book a call with our team today.

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