Learn to Create Positive Emotions

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Learning to create positive emotion improves the sense of wisdom, wonder, well-being, and prosperity.

“There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” —Nelson Mandela

A young couple was sitting on the airplane while it was rolling down the runway and gaining speed. We were taking off for Florida. The woman was sitting in the row in front of him, both on the left-hand aisle. As the plane rumbled, rattled, and vibrated on the surface, she reached her right hand around, hooking it behind her and touching, almost cradling, the calf of his leg in her hand. It was like she was holding onto his leg, saying, “I’m with you, everything is OK.”

It appeared she was either asking for comfort, providing comfort, or possibly both. Just as the plane became airborne, he reached forward and playfully tapped her arm with his fingers. She turned around a bit in her seat and smiled back at him as if to say, “we are OK.”

This simple display of helping each other, comforting, reassuring, or maybe just saying “We’re on vacation!” struck me as one of the most compassionate acts I’ve seen. A similar series of actions were replayed by the couple when we landed a couple of hours later.

I wanted to ask them about the interaction. I wondered about what was going on. It could have been just as simple as holding hands had they been sitting side-by-side in the same row of seats.

But it felt like more than that. It reminded me of our need to connect, to ask for help, and to reach out to others. The action generated positive emotions between the two, I’m sure. It also generated a sense of well-being for me. You know that feeling you have when enjoying a wedding, watching kids hugging a parent, or reaching out to a person in need?

Positive emotion comes around in many ways. Doing something you enjoy, being with people you love, reading a book that generates a passion within you, or calling a long-lost friend are just a few examples.

If you look for ways to create positive emotions in your daily life, your sense of well-being improves. It’s up to you. It is an action you can consciously take every day.

It doesn’t have to be big. It can be a smile. A compliment. Encouragement. Acknowledging success during the day, big or little, can create a positive emotion in a simple way.

Positive emotion is a key ingredient in well-being. And well-being is mandatory to tackle a big goal.

One of the most powerful ways to generate positive emotion is an act of kindness. Try it on a bad day. It could turn things around for you and for the recipient.

Finally, positive emotion is a necessary ingredient, enabling you to flourish and thrive.

Choose one activity for this week that you haven’t done in a while that creates positive emotion for you. Here are some examples: roller skating, shooting a basketball, driving a sports car, or painting a picture.

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