LinkedIn for Lawyers, Part 1

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Why use LinkedIn? Most every professional I know has a profile on LinkedIn. Most every professional I know scrolls through their feed on LinkedIn. If you Google someone, one of the first hits will be their LinkedIn profile. More and more of us interact with others daily through social media and no one does business social media better than LinkedIn. Each day, hundreds of new professionals join LinkedIn to meet and get to know lawyers like you. LinkedIn allows you to interact with others from around the world whenever and wherever you want and like. You can build relationships with others you would never have met if person. You can get referrals from prospective clients who learned about you through the platform. Why LinkedIn? Because it works for building your brand, expanding your name recognition and creating relationships with prospective clients.    

Why you should consider LinkedIn

If you’re deciding how to market your firm and your practice, and you’re looking to do so on a limited marketing budget with a schedule that doesn’t permit you much free time for long lunches or cocktail parties, LinkedIn may be your solution. LinkedIn allows you to reach out to other professionals in a professional setting, connect with and message them, and lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial business relationship that you can take offline. All business is based upon and premised on relationships. Most folks on LinkedIn are there to create new relationships and foster existing ones and are open to meeting and getting to know and referring work to lawyers like you. Online relationships aren’t all that different than in-person ones and an online community provides you access to folks you may not have ever met otherwise.

Making Time for LinkedIn      

LinkedIn only takes 15 minutes a day. You can spend more time on the platform, but you can do what you need to do in just 15 minutes. If you train yourself to capture your ideas and thoughts when they come and reduce them to posts and be strategic about whom you reach out to and communicate with, 15 minutes is more than enough time. Of course, you can choose to spend more time on the platform, and the more time you spend, the more connections you’ll make and the larger your network will become. But if you’re worried about not having enough time, commit to just 15 minutes a day, and if you find your investment paying dividends, you can spend more time, whether that’s more time daily or more time once or twice a week.

In the next post in this series, we’ll look at crafting your personal and firm’s profile. Stay tuned!

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