Look Back on 2023 and Look Ahead to 2024 to Get in the Media Spotlight

This post was contributed by Janet Falk, Chief Strategist of Falk Communications and Research in New York City. She provides media relations and marketing communications services to attorneys with a small law firm and a solo practice.

At this time of year, reporters are looking for sources to comment on the highlights of the year ending and forecasts for the year ahead.

This look back and look ahead approach applies to:

  • legal newspapers
  • industry publications covering your clients’ businesses 
  • local city business magazines

Many journalists are preparing these stories and industry leaders and attorneys will definitely be quoted in these articles. Take this opportunity to summarize the most important trends, transactions, and issues of the past year in your clients’ industries, in the legal sector where you practice, and in your local geographic area. 

Then, gaze into your crystal ball and see how they will play out over the next 12 months. Will those trends continue or will others rise to the fore?

Here are topics to get you started:

  • Competition
  • Consolidation
  • Inflation and Pricing
  • New Entrants
  • New Products

Consider also:

  • Legislation
  • Litigation
  • Regulation
  • Transactions

A big emerging trend that everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence. How does AI fit into your picture?

Now that you have a list of at least five topics, email reporters at relevant legal, client industry, and city business publications. Identify yourself as an authoritative observer for potential discussion in year-end and forecast news articles.

When you introduce yourself with these hot issues to reporters, you will be recognized as a source who has their finger on the pulse of the market, alert to the trends and concerns percolating in the sector.

You’re giving the reporter a gift: a source and ideas for their year-end news article. 

If you are concerned that your predictions might not be correct, don’t worry. One year from now, no one will check up on their accuracy. However, reporters will remember that you had a forecast and will come back to you for an update for the next year.

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