Make Life Fair in 2021

“That’s not fair” — it’s a phrase everyone hears and says far too often.
And, it’s just as often followed by the retort, “Well, life’s not fair.”

The concept of “fair” is very misguided, and the year 2020 took it to
a whole new level. Nowadays, saying “life isn’t fair” feels like the best
scapegoat for everything we’ve been through this year. But fairness
is often like luck: It’s better to be fair or have a little luck on your side,
but most of the time, how fair life is or how much luck you have is a
product of your own creation.

In life, and especially in business, human beings get stepped on and
pushed down by others. That’s just in our nature, as it always has been.
We get upset with people who aren’t treating us fairly, and when we
don’t get our way, we throw a fit. And then, the next time we get any
power of our own, we oppress someone else, who then reacts the same
way. You might think you’ve never oppressed anyone, but everyone has
done it in some way or another, even if they may not realize it.

However, there’s a bright side to this topic, and it’s that entrepreneurs
always have an opportunity to make their world a better place. Every
morning when you wake up, you can decide what kind of boss you
want to be and what kind of business you want. You can run one filled
with concern for others that goes beyond enriching just your own
life. You can decide to not keep every marble from the business for
yourself and instead use some of your gains to help others. You can
build a culture in your company that doesn’t allow oppression. You can
create an environment where there’s no reason to say, “That’s not fair!”

Many entrepreneurs are focused on what’s in it for them, and as
an entrepreneur, you absolutely should be rewarded for your hard
work and risk. But you don’t have to be rewarded while someone
else is punished. You don’t have to make them feel like their life is
“just unfair.”

As you head into operating your business in 2021, it’s crucial to
remember two things:

  1. Culture trumps strategy every day of the week.
  2. Happy employees make happy customers, and happy customers
    make a happy bottom line.

If you focus on the people in your business this year, you’ll find all your
marketing efforts and business dealings to be fairer, no matter how
unfair life has seemed lately. Because the reality is that life can always
be as fair as we decide to make it.

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