Make Your Holiday Greeting Card Memorable and Meaningful

This post was contributed by Janet Falk, the head of Falk Communications and Research in New York City. She provides media relations and marketing communications services to attorneys with a small law firm and a solo practice. She sends a Holiday Haiku as an e-card each year. Her e-card was cited by PR Daily as one of its top PR holiday greeting cards in 2017 as a lesson of keep it short and sweet. See her collection of Holiday Haikus here.

There’s no requirement from the IRS or the SEC to send a holiday greeting card in December, yet somehow law firms find it appropriate and desirable to mail or email a holiday card.

Let’s begin by checking who is on the list: clients, referral sources, allied organizations, elected officials, vendors and former employees, among others. 

Are they waiting for your card? Will they notice if they don’t get one this year? Probably not.

This year, take a different approach. Consider how you can truly embody the spirit of the holiday season, however you may observe it. 

Do not simply order a greeting card from a catalog. It will get lost in the deluge of cards. In the worst-case scenario, it might be the same card as the one sent by the client’s dentist.

Instead, make decisions that show that you’ve thought about the season of giving.

What are your goals?

  • To genuinely thank your contacts for the work you’ve accomplished together over the past year.
  • To remind them of what else you can do for them.
  • To stand out from the crowd.

Now, do you anticipate the printed card will be posted on the client’s door or displayed on their credenza? And then tossed on January 2? Or will it be shared electronically with colleagues and deleted soon after?

Sending a thoughtfully designed card is more than checking a box when the last card is distributed.

Here are the essential components of a memorable card:


Be mindful that your recipients follow a range of religious practices. Overt symbols of one faith may be viewed negatively by those of other beliefs. Instead, consider images referring to winter, candlelight, people gathered together, and music, as they are both seasonal and decidedly neutral.

Assembling your team for a group photo is risky; some law firms find that a member of the team leaves soon after the photo is taken. 


Keep it simple, not sappy. Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays are always safe wishes. Mention that you appreciate the relationship and look forward to working together in the New Year. 

Indicate that you have made a charitable donation to a nonprofit organization that aligns with your values or the focus of your work. For example, an entertainment law firm supports a local arts group or an elder law firm gives to a neighborhood senior center. 

Format: print or e-card

If you choose a printed card, this format will make your card stand out from the crowd. Center an image and frame it in a white border on the front of the card.

Write Happy Holidays or a similar message at the top of the card frame and Cheers to the New Year or Best Wishes for Success in 2024 at the bottom. Center the text for aesthetic appeal.

Place your law firm’s logo in the lower left corner. It’s a subtle indication of the sender that does not require the viewer to open the card and see who created it.

Inside the card, compose a heartfelt message of appreciation of your relationship, as suggested above. Indicate to which group(s) you have made a charitable donation. Include your firm’s name.

On the back of the card, display your law firm’s name, street address, phone number, website URL, and general email address in a stack, centered.

If you opt for an e-card, this approach will be distinctive.

The subject line is Holiday Wishes from Law Firm.

Insert the recipient’s name in your merge mail. Write Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for Success in 2024 at the top. Mention that you appreciate working with them. Compose (or insert) a short poem about the joys of the holiday season, keeping it non-denominational. 

Include a thematically related image. Mention the nonprofit organization to which your firm made a donation. Close by noting you look forward to speaking with them soon.

Indicate your law firm’s name, street address, phone number, website URL, and general email address in a stack, centered.


Set a budget. This will determine whether you create and mail a paper card or design and send an e-card.  Like any marketing activity, this holiday card project will consume as much money and time as you are willing to throw at it. 

The printed card, in its white frame, will be more visible than the others on display.

The ecard, with a short, original poem, will be unique.

The customary charitable donation will show your commitment to serving the community.

Following this is a best practice for maintaining contact with your many connections, from clients to referral sources to colleagues who serve with you on bar association committees. Take the opportunity during the holiday season to make an impact and be memorable. Then, continue to keep in touch with your recipients throughout the year.

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