Marketing Plan vs. Marketing Strategy: What’s the Difference?

In the marketing world, you’ll often hear two terms floating around that may seem like nothing more than two ways to say the same thing: A marketing “plan” and a marketing “strategy.” However, there is a very distinct difference.

  • A marketing strategy is your overall philosophy towards marketing. It encompasses the various tactics, avenues, etc. that you intend to use and the overall result you want to achieve. It is your “Why” when it comes to your marketing.
  • A marketing plan a roadmap of the details actions and steps you will take to execute the marketing strategy. It is your “How” when it comes to your marketing.

There you go, that’s the blog. See you next time!

Kidding, of course. There’s still more to cover.

Think of it like this: Our strategy here at Spotlight Branding is to help you increase the referrals you get and help you attract the right clients. Other marketing companies might focus on getting you to page 1 of a Google search, generate a certain number of leads for your firm, or book you a certain number of speaking engagements. These are all different philosophies—none more “right” or “wrong” than the other—that guide the way we go about our business.

Our plan at Spotlight Branding—i.e, the way we execute our strategy—is through the content we create for our clients like blog articles, email newsletters, social media content, and more.

In your firm, your marketing strategy can be whatever you believe is important and can be a mix of referrals, lead generation, PR, and more. Your marketing plan is how you are going to go about executing it. Will you hire a vendor(s) to accomplish your goals? Do you have an in-house marketing team to go to work for you?

If you need help, we’re here for you. Contact us today to see if our strategy works for you and if you’d like us to execute on it!

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