More Marketing In Less Time 

There were (at least) two key statistics in our 2024 Legal Marketing Trends Report that warrant us discussing how a law firm can market itself effectively in less time. The first thing I want to bring up is that out of the 15,000 surveys we sent out to the legal community, 41% of them said they needed more capacity to devote more time to marketing. This is understandable. Although this may be one of the reasons they have a capacity problem, 55% said they handled their marketing themselves. 

Why This Is A Problem 

The first group, which said they needed more capacity to devote to marketing, understood that there was something their firm should be doing but couldn’t. As someone who has worked with lawyers for years, I can attest that very few of them—if any—tell me that they have too much free time. I have had calls with attorneys while they were driving to court, in between consultations, and at home raising newborns. Before we go on, I will acknowledge that attorneys tend to be quite busy, and I will not give you some ineffective advice about carving out more time for what really matters. 

The second group, the 55%, understand they have a marketing need but are solving it incorrectly. One of the most ironic things about being an attorney is that your time is easily quantifiable. If you charge $450 an hour, how much are you making if you spend four hours a week posting on social media, writing blogs, and creating email newsletters? The opportunity cost of diverting your resources to marketing is too great. Just because an attorney can write a legal blog doesn’t mean they should. 

How To Be More Efficient 

When we tell our clients how to be more efficient with their time, we discuss the concept of content multiplication. Ironically, I am doing it right now. This topic, the one I am writing about, was discussed on our podcast, The Law Firm Marketing Minute, and these statistics were discussed in a webinar I co-hosted. One idea does not equate to one piece of content. Here’s what the process could look like:

  1. You notice you’re getting the same question from your clients. 
  2. You answer that question on a podcast. 
  3. You pull the transcript from it and turn it into a blog. 
  4. The blog is the subject of your email newsletter. 
  5. The podcast video is cut up and posted on several social media platforms. 
  6. The blog and newsletter are published on several social media platforms.

You’re getting the most out of every idea you have. This is also what we do for our clients. Because we know how valuable your time is, our goal has always been to generate a significant amount of educational and informative content while using the least amount of your time. Our copywriters have Quarterly Content Interviews (QCIs) with attorneys. During this time, they interview the attorneys about evergreen topics related to their practice areas. In 30-45 minutes, they can pull enough information to create content for you for three months. This could include writing several blogs a month (some of our clients post one a week), writing social media posts to cover you every day of the work week, and creating newsletters. This is content multiplication. 
The key here is to get the most distance from every marketing initiative and generate each efficiently. We accomplish this through content multiplication and interviews, but the information is yours to use. This is what we do, and we would be happy to work with your firm, too. Contact us here to talk with us about your firm and what you’re looking to accomplish through your marketing initiatives.

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