Why You Need an Internet Marketing System

Many business owners have a perception that, once they “take the plunge” and create a website, that the business will simply start rolling in.

Ten years ago that may have been the case—but today’s online marketplace is so crowded that simply creating a website isn’t enough to achieve any sort of results. It’s not enough to have a website today—without a holistic internet marketing system, it’s impossible to get the results you’d like from your site.

What should that system consist of? It varies depending on the nature of your business, your target market, and your industry… but below are several basic elements:

A credible, visually appealing website that accurately represents your offerings. Your website is the “hub” of your online presence. If your website isn’t effective, pursuing an internet marketing campaign will likely result in wasted time and wasted money.

A social media presence. Your social media presence allows you to connect with your market, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website. It’s not enough to create social media profiles and forget about them—you need to remain engaged.

Pay-Per-Click advertising. PPC advertising, such as Google AdWords, allows you to drive targeted traffic to your website. Not only can you identify the precise keywords you’d like your business to show up for, but you can define the audience you’d like to see your ads. Do you own a small local business that only serves customers in your neighborhood? No problem—you can target a radius as small as one mile!

Search Engine Optimization. A strong SEO campaign will move your business high in Google’s search results. While this process can take months or even years, the advantages of reaching the first page for your targeted keywords can be stunning.

Dedicated landing pages. The biggest mistake many business owners make with regards to online marketing is a lack of dedicated landing pages. You have a matter of seconds to catch the attention of a visitor to your site—and if you send them to your home page, the specific service or product they are looking for might not be visible. That’s why it’s important that you direct as much traffic as possible to the appropriate landing pages.

A website alone isn’t enough to generate business—no matter how impressive it may be. Contact us today to learn more about internet marketing… we’ll help you turn your website into a lead generating machine!

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