Personality Vs. Professionalism On Social Media

After doing some quick napkin math, I figured I had had around 700 phone conversations with attorneys. Though each one was professional in tone, we discussed surfing, hockey, jiu-jitsu, music, running, dogs—the list is long. I have been writing for some of my clients for close to four years, and the longer these relationships go, the more personal they become. I prefer it because people who share a personal story trust you. 

We have many faces. The way someone acts at a Phish show is not the same way they’d present themselves as the head of a law firm. How we are with our children is not how we are with our lifelong friends. While many people know and accept this, they struggle with the same concept regarding social media posts. It’s understandable because their law firm uses social media to nurture relationships and get clients. Lawyers want to know if they should favor professionalism over personality or vice versa to get more clients. 

You’re A Problem Solver 

Imagine coming home and finding a rat the size of a dog in your kitchen. If given the option, would you instead call a company with 40 years of experience removing dog-sized rats from kitchens or a company whose owner posts videos of himself skateboarding? In service-based industries, credibility and expertise attract clients. A future client’s most significant concern is whether you can resolve their issue. If you are ever in a position where you are questioning what kind of content you should be creating, use the following points to guide you:

  • Will one of my future clients find it valuable?
  • Will it help them solve problems or point them in the right direction?
  • Does it convey my credibility and expertise on the subject?

There’s Still Room for Personality 

That said, there is still ample room for personality. After having hundreds of phone calls with attorneys, I can also attest to how differently they approach the law. One of the easiest ways to highlight this is by how much subtle variance there is among estate planning attorneys. Like other areas of the law, it’s an art as much as a science. Though these attorneys have access to the same tools, how they combine and utilize them is as unique as the attorneys are. Allow your personal approach and passion for the law to come out. 

Some of my favorite family law attorneys accept that their clients deal with more than just legal complications. They have access to mental health professionals and want to guide their clients into the next chapter of their lives. Some attorneys have very personal reasons for wanting to support their clients in this way and are willing to share their stories. This is a prime example of exhibiting some personality, which also speaks to credibility. A family law attorney who has been through a divorce not only has the professional insight to guide their clients, but they also have first-hand experience of how challenging a divorce can be. 

In the end, rely on those questions that I provided. If you want to exhibit your personality, ask yourself if it does any of the three things I mentioned.

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