Personalize Your Direct Mail Referrals with Touchnote!

Every year, many law firm owners send out birthday and holiday cards to their current and past clients. And while these cards are a nice gesture, most firms usually just grab the same card from a stack in their closet and sign their name. TouchNote gives you the opportunity to go above and beyond. 

How much more likely is it that a personalized, unique card will be read by the person who received it? How much more of an impact would it make in helping them remember who you are and how you help others? 

TouchNote allows you to send personalized cards without all the hassle of mailing everything out. Plus, TouchNote has thousands of unique card designs and personalization options to make your cards truly unique. Head over to to check it out!

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Spotlight Branding

Spotlight Branding is a content marketing and branding firm for lawyers and other professionals. Our goal is to help you create an online presence that positions you as a credible expert in your field, keeps you connected with your network in order to stay top of mind and increase referrals, and to become more visible online so prospects can find you!