PPC Advertising: Three Mistakes to Avoid

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programs, such as Google AdWords, are a great source of leads for many businesses. However, for every successful campaign, there are many more that fail—in many cases because business owners simply don’t have the time or the resources to create and manage a profitable campaign.

Below are three of the most common mistakes that we see every day—are you making any of them?

1) Choosing keywords that are too broad. If you’re going to pay to have a prospect click on your advertisement, you had better be sure that he is looking for what you are selling. Do this by choosing specific keywords that accurately represent the products and services you are offering.

2) Failure to track and test multiple ad variations. AdWords and other PPC providers allow you to run many different variations of each ad—so why wouldn’t you take advantage? Track which ads perform best in terms of clicks generated—but also which ads lead to the best downstream conversion rate.

3) Linking your ads to your home page. If you don’t have a landing page designed for the specific campaign you are running, you are wasting your money. Properly optimized landing pages are essential to any PPC campaign—without a landing page, you are dramatically reducing your conversion rate.

PPC advertising can be an incredible source of targeted leads. But it can also be an enormous waste of your resources. If you’re making any of these mistakes, chances are that you’re either losing money—or if you are experiencing a positive ROI, it’s not nearly as high as it could be!

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