Reach Your Network Easily with the Marketing Power of Podcasts!

It’s a close contest, but the coolest spot in our office has to be the podcast studio. It’s a small, soundproof space tricked out with all of the latest equipment. Even better, it’s where we host episodes of two Spotlight Branding podcasts: Center Stage and Law Firm Marketing Minute.

We have tons of fun hosting, sharing marketing tips, and joking with our guests. Honestly, the only thing better than making a podcast is listening to one — and we’re not the only ones who think so. According to Convince & Convert: 

  • More than half of Americans listen to podcasts every month.
  • The average weekly listener tunes in to eight podcasts per week. 

And finally, our favorite: 

  • More people listen to podcasts than have Netflix accounts. Yep, you read that right. According to Convince & Convert, 80 million people are podcast listeners and just 69 million are Netflix subscribers. 

If your firm doesn’t have a podcast yet, then you’re missing out on one of the best ways to reach new clients and referral partners. Think about it this way: If you asked someone whether they prefer reading, watching TV, or listening to podcasts, it’s anyone’s guess which one they would choose. But if you asked them which of those they prefer to do while driving on a road trip, there’s no contest: Podcasts would win every time. They reach people in moments other media can’t, such as while driving to work, lifting weights at the gym, cleaning your house, and working in your yard. 

At this point, maybe you’re thinking, “My demographic is the problem. They’re too old for podcasts.” Let us give you another statistic: The percentage of folks age 55 and up who listen to podcasts increased 18% over the last year, bringing the total up to 25% of seniors. Podcasts aren’t just for millennials and Gen Z anymore. No matter who your audience is, they’re out there listening. 

You have a huge opportunity to sneak your brand and your message into the daily routine of your clients, leads, and referral partners. Not only will your podcast get your name in front of them, but it will also show off your expertise and boost your reputation. You’ll also build a valuable information library with every new episode. Months or years down the road, you can point people back to your podcasts to learn about you. Plus, if you decide on an interview show like Center Stage, you’ll be able to nurture your referrals and strategic relationships by inviting them on. 

Ultimately, the success of podcasts comes down to the fact that in a world where books and TV spots are dogs, podcasts are cats. They don’t require nearly as much attention from the consumer and they’re extremely rewarding. 

When you’re ready to start a podcast, our team is here to help. Until then, we’d recommend listening to Business Made Simple with Donald Miller, Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porter, the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, and of course, Law Firm Marketing Minute and Center Stage to get a feel for what a great podcast sounds like. Before long, we guarantee you’ll start to see the opportunities for your firm. 

The podcast studio might just become your favorite place, too.

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