Ready to Publish a Book? Lulu Makes It Easy!

Publishing a book is one of the biggest authority boosters you can have as a solo/small firm attorney. Just the sight of a book in your lobby with your name on the cover tells people you’re an expert in your field. Unfortunately, many people are concerned over the logistical hurdles of getting a book published. 

With Lulu, you don’t need an agent to get you a book deal. You also don’t need to order a huge bulk amount of copies in order to get them printed. Lulu allows you to self-publish on demand, which means if you only wanted one copy, they would make it for you (but, of course, you’ll want more than that!). 

Lulu’s process makes it easy to upload a PDF of your book. They also have a cover designer that allows you to create a professional-looking book cover with minimal graphic design skills! Even more, they have distribution options so you can turn your book into an extra income source by putting it for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s website, and more.

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