Should Your Law Firm Be on TikTok?

The Chinese social media platform TikTok has been all over the news for the last few months, and the buzz has officially made it into the Spotlight Branding office. Now that the controversial app has reached 800 million users, law firm owners are starting to wonder, “Should I try it out?”

When clients ask, our answer is this: “What do you have to lose?” Sure, new downloads of TikTok might be banned by the government any day (the situation seems to change hourly), but in the meantime, it’s a thriving platform that’s low risk to join with the possibility of a high reward. TikTok isn’t just for 12-year-old kids and VSCO girls any more. Plenty of businesses and professionals are jumping on the bandwagon — it’s cheap, it’s easy, and it could even bring you a younger clientele.

Of course, you don’t have to be on TikTok to check the social media marketing box. It’s not on the level of high-credibility platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which are the three places your firm absolutely needs to have a presence in order to be taken seriously. Our social media package here at Spotlight Branding includes creating content for those platforms (and not TikTok or Instagram) for a reason.

Still, right now TikTok is having a moment. It’s possible to amass a following there in a fraction of the time it takes on other platforms. This became clear on September 25, when the KPop group BTS joined TikTok and attracted 1 million followers in a record-breaking 3 hours and 31 minutes. Frankly, it’s a goldrush. People love TikTok, and not a lot of businesses are out there taking advantage of it. But you could. It’s as simple as downloading the app, opening it up, scrolling for trends (because videos imitating the same catchy lip syncs and dances are the ones that go viral), and filming your own version of the trend with your team. Throw your company name on screen, or change up the lyrics to be related to law. The possibilities are endless!

The bottom line is that you don’t have to join TikTok, but it won’t hurt. If you do it, just don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun! Do a dance with your team or find a meme that fits your practice area and run with it. The reward might be bigger than you think.

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