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Daniel J. Decker, President of One Marketing, a Miami marketing firm, explains that many social media marketing campaigns fail because of a lack of clearly defined objectives.

Miami, FL – December 1, 2011 – Daniel J. Decker, President of One Marketing, a Miami marketing firm, recently published an entry on his blog emphasizing the importance of setting objectives prior to engaging in a social media marketing campaign. The blog entry, titled “Social Media Marketing: Define Your Objectives,” explains that many social media campaigns fail because of the lack of clearly defined objectives.

Daniel J. Decker writes, “Social media is nothing more than a tool. It’s a powerful tool, no doubt, but it’s still just a tool in your marketing toolbox. And therefore, you must have a plan—before you start using it. ”

One Marketing specializes in marketing for Miami-based small businesses. They help clients to implement a unified, purposeful marketing presence by first creating a long-term strategic plan.

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About Daniel J. Decker:

As the President of One Marketing, Daniel’s goal is to help business owners develop and implement marketing plans that accelerate their growth—ultimately providing business owners with the freedom that comes from owning a profitable business.

He accomplishes this goal by collaborating with business owners to develop purposeful and cohesive marketing strategies—and then handling the implementation. His personal areas of expertise include direct marketing, internet marketing, search engine optimization, social media strategy, and copywriting.

Daniel’s background includes restaurant and small business management experience, as well as time in finance, marketing and branding.

About One Marketing:

One Marketing is a full-service Miami Marketing Agency.

Focusing on small business owners, One Marketing helps to create a unified marketing presence for their clients.

Their goal is to facilitate business growth for each client, while consolidating their marketing efforts in one location.

Many small business owners take a discombobulated approach to their marketing—a website here, a direct mail campaign there, but with no unifying central purpose.

And while many ad agencies are happy to cash in on business owners however they can, One Marketing looks out for the long-term well being of each client.

They help clients create a vision, a plan, and a purpose… all before they cut a check.

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