Spotlight Branding’s Top 5 CRM Platforms for 2024

You need a CRM (client relationship manager, also known as a case management system). There are tons of options out there, and several that serve specific industries like finance and legal. If you’re looking for a new platform for 2023 or want to get started with your first, here are our best picks.

5. Zoho

We actually use the Zoho suite in our own internal operations and are constantly amazed at the depth of features it contains. While Zoho is geared toward all industries, it’s often cited as one of the top platforms for financial pros. Their CRM application is incredibly deep and allows you to incorporate all kinds of data into your client records.

4. Assembly

Trialworks and Needles joined together in 2019 to create Assembly Neos, an even more robust platform than what many personal injury attorneys had been accustomed to in the previous several years. Assembly touts its automation abilities, such as transitioning intake documents and adding them to a case record.


LEAP is a legal practice productivity solution with a focus on helping your firm improve its efficiency. It provides a full range of features from private cloud storage, trust accounting, and more.

2. PracticePanther

Staying on top of client communication is crucial for law firms, especially in today’s hybrid work environment. With PracticePanther’s CRM, simplicity and organization are key — when you make it easy for your clients, you make it easy for you. Custom client intake forms let you capture the necessary information to kick off your relationship. Once a case has begun, use automated emails, native two-way texting, and even accept payments online to keep each and every case detail organized from intake to invoice, all in one place. Learn more about PracticePanther’s CRM here

1. Clio

Clio has long been one of the legal industry leaders in practice management. Even if you don’t use their software, attending their annual Clio Cloud Conference is worth your investment. Beyond their software, Clio boasts additional integrations that help you seamlessly connect other apps and processes that you operate outside of the Clio ecosystem.

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