Spotlight Branding’s Top 5 Lawyer Coaches/Groups for 2024

If you’re looking to grow your firm and live the dream life you envisioned for yourself, one of the best investments you can make is to join a coaching group. These communities are full of like-minded business owners working with an expert who has helped dozens (if not hundreds) of people like you in your same situation.

We’ve had the privilege of working with several great coaches and groups over the years, and these are our favorites (in no particular order).

5. Law Firm Mentor

Led by attorney Allison Williams, Law Firm Mentor provides one-on-one training, group retreats, and transformational courses to solo and small firm attorneys. They strive to “stop the chaos” that comes with running a small business to help you reach a level of efficiency that results in a more successful firm (and more free time for you).

4. How to Manage a Small Law Firm

Founded by RJon Robins, HTMASLF is the largest provider of outside managing partner, COO, and CFO services for solo and small firms. They stand against the Doctrine of Sacrifice promoted by many law schools, which they believe creates miserable lawyers. In their opinion, happy lawyers provide better service, and they aim to help lawyers grow into massively profitable firms with a variety of programs and retreats.

3. Richard James

Richard James personally built a small law firm from zero to $3.5 million in just over two years. As of today, he’s worked with more than 960 owners of small law firms with a program that reveals the secrets of building a law firm on a foundation of systems. His specialty is building systems that maximize the conversion of leads into paying clients who refer new business. What Richard calls the Lead Conversion Machine is the number one system all small law firms need to generate new clients without increasing their current marketing and advertising budgets.

2. Gary Mitchell / OnTrac Coach

Gary Mitchell of OnTrac Coach understands the lawyer’s mind very well. He appreciates the fact that while lawyers are highly intelligent, in most cases, one part of their brain has had extensive training and experience—The Left Brain, or the more logical side of the brain—while their right brain functions have not had as much training, experience, or support. His entrepreneurial approach to coaching helps lawyers develop those skills that are critical to The Business of Law, creativity, communication, imagination, and innovation. Gary knows that lawyers are smart, and when they are given effective guidance and support and pointed in the right direction, they learn these new skills and habits very quickly.

1. The Million Dollar Solution

The Million Dollar Solution (MDS) exists to help smart, like-minded attorneys close the deal and get hired. They share what has worked in dementia and elder care planning to help build million-dollar practices all across the United States. Their goal is to help the aging population throughout their Second Half of Life® by using their Dementia Focused Practice® resources and materials that guide clients throughout their personal planning process. MDS will help you raise your practice to the next level of purpose, professionalism, and profitability as you serve clients and their families who are struggling with the challenges of dementia. 

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