Spotlight Branding’s Top 5 Receptionist/Chat Vendors for 2023

One of the easiest things you can delegate is the receptionist or front desk accountability. As a firm owner, you don’t need to be answering the phone or manning your website’s chat funtionality (you do have that on your website, don’t you?).

There are several ways you can easily (and cost-effectively) outsource these tasks, and we’ve developed several great relationships with these companies along the way. In no particular order, here are our top 5 picks.


Apex has been an industry staple for years. They provide live chat reps that represent your firm 24/7. Best of all, you can customize the experience your visitors receive by making sure the reps are equipped to answer basic questions, as well as retrieve specific information to help you gather lead data. After all, websites with chat functionality have been shown to convert 30% better compared to ones that don’t.

LEX Reception

LEX Reception is a reception service dedicated to giving lawyers more time. With legal dedicated receptionists available round the clock, attorneys can focus on their billable hours and leave other tasks to their support team. One great feature is that you can integrate LEX with your practice management system.   

In addition to offering 24/7 answering services, they have legal-specific services like legal intake, consultation scheduling, and payment taking. Their monthly plans are all-inclusive, so you can use the full scope of their offer, including live chat answering, calendar software, and even document sending for no additional costs – making them a great choice for smaller firms.’s robust team allows you to focus on your actual legal work while they take care of the screening, intake, appointment scheduling, and payment collection. Additionally, is the only receptionist service that offers call recording and transcription. Their software works behind the scenes to help their team handle only the relevant calls (spam calls are blocked and not charged) without sounding scripted or robotic.

With, you’ll receive a real-time dashboard that shows you how many tasks have been completed, including all of the spam calls that got blocked along the way. Lastly, has more integrations than any other service.

Abby Connect

Abby Connect is the only service assigning you a small, dedicated team of receptionists and a Customer Success Manager as your single point of contact, streamlining your experience from the start. Your Abby team huddles up to learn about your business and create a community with your callers, supporting you as an extension of your company.

Back Office Betties

A true extension of your law firm: Back Office Betties’ Virtual Legal Receptionists are experts at turning calls into consultations, screening for solicitors, completing custom intakes, WOW-ing callers, and saving attorneys time. You can rest easy knowing your receptionists are able to confidently and intelligently communicate with your callers regarding sensitive legal issues. Trained on sales, legal lingo, and your firm’s operations… your callers will think your Betties receptionist is sitting right at your front desk!

Back Office Betties offers a range of Virtual Receptionist plans to relieve phone stress, Live Web Chat monitoring to turn curious searchers into consultations, and Virtual Assistant services to take tedious tasks off of your plate so you can focus on what matters.

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