Stages Of Awareness: Most Aware (Part 5)

In our final discussion on the stages of awareness, we will veer slightly off course. We will briefly discuss what the most aware stage looks like, as described by Eugene Schwartz, but we will look at what this means regarding how Spotlight Branding approaches content. Clients in this stage are the closest they will be to choosing your firm, but they need one last push. 

What Breakthrough Advertising Says About the Most-Aware 

Traditional educational content might no longer be as necessary for individuals at the most-aware stage. However, this doesn’t apply directly to firms (something we will address in the next section). Schwartz says you should offer direct incentives such as discounts, special offers, and promotions to attract these people. For example, offering a time-limited discount or adding a bonus product can create a sense of urgency and value. These incentives are straightforward ways to encourage that final decision. It’s about providing that last reason for people to act now rather than later. Additionally, you might consider loyalty rewards for first-time buyers, which could promote a longer-term relationship beyond the initial purchase. 

Let’s Bring it Back to Law Firms

At Spotlight Branding, we encourage attorneys to charge what they are worth. Who wouldn’t want to work with the types of clients they prefer while also making more money per client? One of the most overlooked benefits of content marketing and branding is the ability to raise rates. In other words, you can earn more without increasing your clients. 

What does most aware look like to you? These are the clients you have worked with, the people who know who you are, what you provide, and what it is like to work with you. Focusing on your past clients is a means of increasing your referrals and increasing your repeat business. People will forget who you are if you don’t stay in touch with them. Marketing achieves this through newsletters, podcasts, blogs, and videos. 

Because your past clients are a law firm’s most aware base, we strongly advocate staying top-of-mind with them through the touchpoints mentioned above. Never let someone forget that you are the go-to expert. A person who just lived through the divorce process may not be inclined to read a blog or watch a video about what happens during it—but their friends will. They can share your content with the people they want to refer to you. The content you put out attracts better, higher-paying, and more qualified clients. 

What Kind of Results Should You Expect?

Now that we are at the end of the stages of awareness series, you should know what content can give you—mainly when the right type of person engages with your content. People who oppose content marketing point out that getting quantifiable results through it is challenging. Some of our clients may make a new website and then ask how many new clients they should expect because of it. We have discussed this in the past, but it is essential to repeat that content, especially ours, is lead nurturing instead of lead generation. 
However, even quantifiable results are misleading. When you measure the success of your marketing through clicks, visits, and followers, you’re not getting a complete story. The best results—which you can get with content marketing—come in the form of referrals, average case value, and win rate (your ability to turn a prospect into a paying client). Win rate increases because people come to your office knowing what to expect because they have read, watched, or listened to your content. To start creating content that leads to the right results, book a free call with us to discuss it further.

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