Stages Of Awareness: Product Aware (Part 4)

We’re reaching the point in your prospective client’s journey where they recognize the product and understand what it offers but are still hesitant to book a consultation. (Although Breakthrough Advertising refers to this as the product-aware stage, this can be considered service-aware, too. As attorneys in the service-based industry, looking at this stage through the lens of selling physical products won’t allow you to fully understand how to create content for people of this mindset.) The key here is that this prospective client knows who your firm is and what it does, but they aren’t sure it is right for them. 

Because they are evaluating their options, your job isn’t to educate but to convince them. Your content should speak to who you are and attract the clients you want to work with. We’re leveraging content to find the right fit, and to achieve this, it should be engaging, clarifying, and turn curiosity into confidence. 

Clients in the Product-Aware Stage 

In the Product-Aware stage, your audience seeks that extra nudge to choose your firm over others. Focus on addressing their specific questions and concerns directly. Providing detailed product comparisons and real-use case demonstrations can be highly effective. This stage is about making your firm stand out by showcasing how it solves problems better than the alternatives. How are you different from the other firms in your area? In most instances, this is done through the call-to-action at the end of a blog or video. 

It’s not enough to state features and benefits; you must also show prospective clients why these features matter in the real world. Use client testimonials and third-party reviews to add credibility and illustrate real-world satisfaction. This is demonstrating credibility and expertise. Visual content, like videos and infographics, simplifies complex information and makes your firm’s benefits more apparent. 

Types of Engaging Content 

Offer how-to guides, service walkthroughs, and demos that inform and engage your audience. This type of content helps prospects visualize using your firm and the ease and effectiveness it brings to solving their problems. The goal is to transition from merely being an option to becoming the preferred choice. This content should still be valuable, providing answers and solutions that make the reader’s life easier or more efficient, regardless of their final buying decision. 

Creating a downloadable guide explaining how to integrate and use your services can be a practical resource for potential buyers. (Some of our clients offer free resources that explain what to do, say, and bring to an initial consultation.) Additionally, hosting live webinars creates an interactive environment where prospects can ask questions and see your product in action. Consider embedding these demonstrations into a dedicated landing page that captures lead information. Future pacing is crucial because it shows prospective clients the benefits of working with you. This method illustrates the functionality and empowers users to envision the long-term benefits and satisfaction derived from deciding to book a consultation with you.

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