Stages Of Awareness: Solution Aware (Part 3)

Once a person or potential client realizes they have a problem, they naturally seek solutions. As we have discussed previously, these are the types of people who will move to search engines and social media to find content that helps them understand what their problem is. After they have engaged with your educational and informative content, they are solution-aware. 

Solution-aware prospects are in a position to explore and compare the different methods (and products) that will serve as their resolution. Essentially, they have moved beyond simple awareness and want to understand solutions rather than analyze the problem. They will compare, contrast, and evaluate their options. People who are aware of a solution are researching to find the best solution to their problem. 

The Right Content for the Solution-Aware

During this solution-aware stage, the content should be focused on educating the audience about the various options available to them. Present information that helps them understand what each solution (at least the ones you’re offering) looks like and why they help the reader. This stage is not about selling; it’s about informing. Content should include case studies, success stories, and testimonials demonstrating the effectiveness of different solutions. Each one also reinforces credibility and expertise, which is essential in service-based industries. 

These elements provide real-world proof and help the audience gauge the potential effectiveness of each option in solving their problem. Your results create more trust. This information must be presented in a way that respects their intelligence, allowing them to make their own decisions based on facts. Articles and blogs discussing how specific solutions have helped others give the reader a more comprehensive understanding. Webinars and interactive content play a significant role here, offering direct engagement that can address individual concerns in real time. It’s about supporting the audience’s journey through valuable and applicable information rather than directing it.

Leading Them to the Next Level 

Once the audience understands the different solutions available, the next step is to guide them toward making an informed decision. At this point, the content should help them compare various solutions, showing the pros and cons of each. This comparison should be fair and balanced, providing the reader with the necessary information to make a choice that best fits their situation. 

Because we discussed building trust, remember you can lose it at any stage. Your content should not only be informative but also transparent and honest. Avoid overstating the benefits of your solution, and ensure that credible sources back any claims. Providing detailed, factual, and unbiased content can help cement your credibility and position your firm as a reliable source of information. It is vital to present this comparison to emphasize the solution’s fit to the prospect’s unique problem rather than simply pushing someone to book a consultation. Engage with potential questions or doubts they might have, and be prepared to offer detailed responses that reinforce how your legal services will benefit them.

Marketing Is About Honesty
You’re a legal professional, and your marketing must reflect your values. The goal is to establish trust and build a relationship through educational content. Although most people would prefer it if a single social media post created new clients, it’s a longer process than that. If you’re worried about how long it takes to establish credibility, take comfort in how this one client will refer future clients to you. People trust the opinions of those they are close to. You’re building a network rather than converting a single client. We’ll help you create content that works, leading to a higher ROI on your other marketing efforts, from networking to advertising, better conversion, and more strategic opportunities.

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