Stop Chasing Down ARs: Have Your Website Collect Payments for You

While the majority of lawyer websites don’t need intricate client portals with secure logins, there are some benefits to having one: It can help your administrative side run more efficiently. One way is to collect payments from your clients.

This can be a laborious and complex process, of course. You have to set up an internal payment collection system with a merchant that can process the fee and communicate with your bank to close out the invoice and transmit the money to your bank. However, there are services out there like LawPay that take care of all those transactions for you!

With LawPay, all you need to do is place an icon or link on your site to direct your clients to LawPay’s portal. From there, everything is handled for you. They collect the payment, handle all the transactions, and get your money to you. Plus, having an online payment option available to your clients makes you look good and makes getting paid easier than waiting on people to mail you a check or come by your office!

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