Take the Stress Out of Holiday Hiring: 3 Ways to Make the Process More Efficient

Hiring is always a nightmare, but 2021 has been a particularly hellish year for the history books. Thanks to the massive labor shortage nationwide, you can’t afford to waste your time on unqualified candidates or bad fits and let the good employees get away. 

If you’re struggling to separate the wheat from the chaff, try these three efficiencies. 

1. Employ specific instructions 

Be honest: How many resumes have you gotten where it was clear the person didn’t even read the job listing? Sometimes people desperate for work or looking to meet unemployment requirements will hit every apply button they can find, creating a massive resume pile that’s a drain on your time. 

To weed out these poor candidates, include a note in your posting requesting readers leave Indeed, Glassdoor, or whatever job site you’re using in order to apply. For another level of insulation, ask that they use a specific email subject line or resume format. This alone will trim 80%–90% of the junk applications, leaving you with people who are serious about working for you. 

2. Don’t be afraid to quiz candidates

Here at Spotlight Branding, we require applicants to take a short quiz about our industry before they interview. This tests their knowledge and gives us an idea of how they would perform in their position. You can do something similar, or test candidates by role-playing as opposing counsel or a client to see how they would react to a common case scenario. This will help you identify strong candidates and discover people who may have a wealth of practical knowledge even if they have poor interview skills. 

3. Leverage the power of personality tests

The most difficult part of the hiring process is finding someone who is not only a qualified candidate, but also a good fit for your firm’s culture. You can use personality tests as a shortcut for this! They’ll help you discover a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, and you can compare their results to those of your other employees.

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