The Age-Old Marketing Question Finally Answered: Quantity vs. Quality

Content marketing has the potential to build awareness of your brand, improve its reputation, and grow your client base. However, a lot of business owners wonder what the best approach is when it comes to developing that content—should your guiding light be quantity or quality?

A lot of us will come down on the “quality” side of the equation because we want to deliver value with every message. Others, especially those who have spent any time in a sales environment, will vote for quantity because, in those settings, numbers speak volumes. 

So which one is the best rule of thumb when you’re marketing your business online? Should you aim for multiple posts to demonstrate activity and authority or focus on a few premium-quality posts that are infinitely more shareable?

How about both?

Quantity and Quality Are Both Critical in Marketing

The truth is that quantity vs. quality shouldn’t even be a subject of debate. For your marketing efforts to be effective, you need to incorporate both, along with one more factor that we’ll go into below.

If you send one email to your subscription list, it’s not going to make much impact, no matter how well it’s written. The same goes for social media: while it’s possible to go viral with a single engaging post, you wouldn’t want to bet your marketing budget on it. 

Instead, what if you emphasize quantity by creating multiple emails and posts? The problem here is that you don’t rise above the noise—you contribute to it. Clients and customers who cope with overflowing inboxes and crowded Facebook feeds will reach the point where they tune you out.

So what’s the solution? You need to combine quality content with a regular (but not hectic) delivery schedule. But that’s not all—you need to sustain these efforts.

It’s More About Consistency

A lot of business owners see their prospecting efforts rewarded by some major wins. Suddenly they’re busy and making good money. During these lush times, are they still marketing themselves regularly?

Probably not. But you should, because the consistent and sustained effort is just as important as quantity and quality.

Overnight success may happen, but it’s rare. Practically every business guru you see giving a TED Talk went through the motions for months or even years before they became super-successful. They had quality and quantity, and by consistently presenting their customers with both, they made a difference (and a lot of money).

What’s the Bottom Line?

Keeping up a high volume of quality content on an ongoing basis requires a lot of effort. If you don’t have a marketing team, you may have to adjust the quantity aspect of the equation to sustain the quality. What’s important is that you keep your message engaging and that it goes out on a regular schedule that works for you. 

In the end, quantity vs. quality shouldn’t even be a debate. They’re two critical components of the same formula for success. Once you add the third component—consistency—you’ll be on your way to achieving your business goals.

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