The Only 4 Things You Need to Start Your Podcast TODAY!

According to our 2023 Legal Marketing Trends Report, the number of podcasts in the legal space grew by 7 percentage points from last year’s report, and overall interest in having a show grew by 15 percentage points. Having your own podcast doesn’t need to be a big-budget, NPR-level production. As long as your audio sounds clear, people will listen. Here’s all you need to get your podcast off the ground today.

1. Computer

You probably already have this, so congrats! You’re already 25% there.

2. Microphone

While you don’t need to drop hundreds of dollars on a high-end Shure studio microphone, you definitely don’t want to use your computer’s internal mic or the one attached to your headphones. The quality just isn’t quite good enough and it’ll sound more like you’re calling in on your phone.

Although snooty audiophiles are critical of Blue, we love them. They’re affordable and great for beginners and amateurs. We’ve been using them for years, and recommend either a Snowball or a Yeti. They are both USB microphones, meaning you can plug them right into your computer without having to get a mixer or adapter.

3. Recording Software

If you have a Mac, then you already have your software. GarageBand is all you need. If you’re on a PC, download Audacity. The interface looks old because it’s a free open-source program, but it’s full of features and easy to use. If you need a quick tutorial, search for one on YouTube.

4. Hosting Platform

You won’t need this until you’ve recorded your first episode, but this is how you get your podcast listed in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. We use Buzzsprout and love its easy interface and data reporting. However, there are a lot of great hosts out there and we recommend you check them out and see which one works best for you.

That’s it! You can get extra accessories for your microphone like a boom arm, pop filter, or a windscreen, but they’re not required. Instead, just go hit the ‘Record’ button and start creating!

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