The Secret Immeasurable Benefit of Email Marketing

First things first—your firm should have an email newsletter. It will absolutely drive referrals and repeat business for your firm. If you need help setting one up, give our team a call today.

Of course, the big thing most lawyers want to see is the ROI and data around their email marketing efforts. They want to know the open rate and how many clicks they received. And while there’s benefit to tracking those metrics, there’s one intangible, immeasurable piece of data that comes with your email marketing—the top-of-mind awareness.

Here’s what we mean: Even if someone doesn’t open your email—even if they click the little check box on the left and immediately archive it—they still saw your firm name and even likely skimmed the subject line.

Do you understand how truly valuable that is?

If you’re sending out email newsletters on a consistent basis, that means you can get in front of your contacts in a place they’re already spending a good amount of time—their inbox.

That also means they’re seeing your firm’s name on their screen, which means you’re occupying a small piece of real estate in their mind, subconsciously planting a seed that makes them think of your firm first whenever a need arises.

There’s no way to measure it, but the value is there.

From there, you should make sure the subject line gives your audience a reason for opening the email. That’s why we recommend using the title of your core piece of content (blog, video, podcast episode) as the subject line rather than something generic like “November Updates from Smith Law Firm.”

But again, even if they don’t open your email, they still saw your name, and they’ll be more likely to think of you first when the time comes.

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