The Top 5 Tasks To Delegate TODAY

This article was submitted by our friends at Get Staffed Up, a staffing company that provides virtual assistants to law firms and other small businesses to help you free up valuable time and get more done!

One of the most valuable skills a law firm owner can learn and develop is the skill of delegating tasks to others. In many ways, this skill is the building block for all of your business success throughout your career. As your business grows, delegating tasks becomes a fundamental part of sustained success. In this article, we will discuss 5 specific tasks you should delegate to improve your law firm.

1 – Email Management / Filtering

Dealing with your email inbox daily can be extremely time-consuming. There is spam, advertisements, scam emails, and plenty of things that can take away valuable time. When you delegate email management, you’ll be able to better maximize your time and achieve efficiency. Your virtual assistant can make sure that only the most critical emails come to your attention.

2 – Bookkeeping

As you bring on new clients and try to provide top-quality service, you’ll find that you don’t have the time to devote to bookkeeping and accounting. Bookkeeping is a very essential part of your business. By having a virtual assistant bookkeeper working remotely, they will manage the day-to-day finances of your firm and you won’t have to worry about anything else other than growing your business.

3 – Calendar Management

As you attempt to maximize revenue and attract new clients, you’ll find that keeping up with your calendar is not easy. The best solution to this problem is to simply delegate the task to a virtual assistant so they can manage your calendar and make sure everything is in order. A VA will also take notes during meetings and be the gatekeeper of your agenda.

4 – Marketing

Law firms have marketing needs and just like many other firms, and these are tasks that you should delegate. Managing a firm’s marketing is time-consuming and difficult, so it’s recommended to hire a virtual assistant that can help you with said task. Whether they are managing relationships with outside marketing vendors or you hire someone with specific skills in something like PPC ad management, you’ll find that having someone manage this full-time will help take your firm’s marketing to new levels.

5 – Client Intake

Adding a person responsible to be the first point of contact for your legal team while also providing accurate quality data is essential. You can expect them to become a go-to person for questions clients might have. Your client intake assistant will have expertise in dealing with clients with a customer-focused approach and maintain excellent communication with you.  

In conclusion, to get the most out of delegation remember to complete the following steps. Step one, acquiring the best virtual assistant available. Step two is onboarding and training. Step three, start delegating essential tasks. Step four, observe the great results and keep updating. Once you start delegating, you won’t want to go back, so prepare a good strategy where a virtual assistant will help and you’ll notice excellent results.

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