The Ultimate (Free) Organizational App for Your Business

At Spotlight Branding, we use Trello as our primary workflow management tool. However, this app is so versatile that it can practically be whatever you want it to be. This free app has been immeasurably helpful in allowing us to manage projects for our clients, as well as keeping ourselves organized with our other day-to-day tasks.

This app works like a virtual board with individual cards you can use to organize and work through projects. Each card comes with the ability to import attachments like PDFs or other documents to keep everything in one place. You can also assign due dates on a card so nothing ever falls through the cracks. Best of all, multiple people can collaborate on a board, so it truly can be something everyone in the office uses to keep projects moving forward. 

While there are specific case management softwares out there, Trello can be great for you to brainstorm ideas, organize your daily tasks, or map out other initiatives in your firm.

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