Three Ways to Use Facebook Ads Effectively

“Do Facebook Ads work?”

We get this question often. And it’s impossible to answer. (Although that doesn’t stop the media from trying.)

Our follow up question is always “that depends on what you’re trying to do!”

Yes, Facebook Ads can be very effective when it comes to growing your audience and driving traffic to your website. It’s a valuable platform for reaching a highly targeted audience. And it doesn’t require a large budget, meaning that small local businesses can use it every bit as effectively as national brands.

But it all comes back to defining your objectives. Below are three specific ways that Facebook ads can be used effectively:

1) Growing your audience. For a business to be successful on Facebook, they first need an audience. As you may know, unless an individual has “liked” your page on Facebook, they won’t be exposed to your posts. (Just like if you haven’t followed someone on Twitter, or connected with them on LinkedIn, you can’t see their posts.) Facebook Ads allow you to target a precise audience and prompt them to like your page. For instance, want to target women with kids under the age of 6, in the zip code 33133, who have expressed a specific interest in yoga? You could do exactly that. As your audience grows, you are reaching and engaging an ever-growing segment of your target market.

2) Heavily promoting specific messages. Are you offering a sale, opening a new business location, or introducing a new service? Facebook ads give you the ability to promote specific posts, or a series of posts, so that even people who have not ‘liked’ your page can see them. Once again, you have the ability to select a precise audience to target. This is a great way to get the word out to individuals who otherwise may not have been exposed to your business.

3) Driving targeted traffic to your website. Facebook Ads can also be used to drive traffic to your website. This works very much like Google AdWords or other Pay-Per-Click ad services, except that Facebook Ads allow you to target your audience much more precisely. Whether you’re promoting a specific product or service, looking to capture addresses for an email campaign, or simply trying to broaden your exposure to your target market, Facebook Ads work well.

So yes, Facebook Ads can work very well if you’ve defined your objectives. Like everything else, it starts with creating a plan. And it’s also vital to track your results so that you can determine whether you’re receiving a positive ROI for your efforts. If you’d like to learn more, or if you’d like help getting started, we can help!

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