Twitter Marketing: Five Steps to a More Engaging (and More Profitable) Twitter Presence.

As of January 1, 2014, Twitter had approximately 645 million users. With over 58 millions tweets created per day and 135,000 new users each and every day, it’s not an exaggeration to suggest that Twitter has fundamentally changed the way that much of the world communicates. In fact, analysts often point to the key role Twitter played in shaping the “Arab Spring” revolutions that began in late 2010.

There’s no debate that Twitter is playing a key role in defining the way our world interacts – but how can you use it to grow your business?

Below are five key steps.

1) Brand your business profile. If you’re serious about using Twitter to grow your business, it starts with a nicely designed, well branded profile – including a background image, a banner image, and a profile picture. The “default” images that Twitter provides are well known at this point, and their use suggests that  you’re either brand new to Twitter or just don’t take it seriously, and neither one is a good message to send.

2) Build your audience. If you don’t have an audience, nothing else we’re discussing here matters. It’s important to define your target market and begin to grow an audience that consists of these potential clients and customers. One way to do so is by using Twitter ads. But you can also grow your audience organically by identifying members of your target market, following them, and interacting with them. In addition, your audience will grow naturally over time as long as you’re posting relevant and valuable content.

3) Post a variety of content. It’s important to keep your audience interested. If all you’re doing is posting self-promotional tweets and linking back to your firm website, your audience is going to lose interest. It’s okay to be promotional, but the content you post should include a mix of news that is relevant to your market, helpful tips, links to blog entries that you’ve written, inspirational or meaningful quotes, and so on.

4) Engage with followers. One danger while using Twitter is that it’s easy to use it as a one-way communication method. But to really build a profitable presence, it’s important to engage your audience. That can be as simple as responding with a quick “thank you!” when you are retweeted, or answering questions that your followers ask of you. This engagement keeps your audience interested and makes it clear that you’re interested in relationships, not just self promotion.

5) Stay active. Finally, in order to build a consistent brand and remain “top of mind” for your target audience, it’s important to stay active consistently. We recommend posting at least a couple of times per week – and it’s very important that you don’t disappear for weeks at a time.

Twitter has changed the way that the world communicates – and it can play a significant role in your branding and marketing efforts as well. If you’d like to learn more, shoot us an email at today!

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