How to Use Content to Prove Your Expertise

As a lawyer, being perceived as an expert in your market is tremendously valuable. Potential clients don’t shop for a lawyer the same way they do for their groceries. (At least, the clients you want don’t.) Grocery shoppers may be willing to try a new brand of cereal that they’ve never heard of if it’s 20% cheaper than what they normally buy. But when someone hires a lawyer, it is typically because they’ve got a serious issue and they need help.

They may be going through a divorce. Their business may be facing a lawsuit. They may be trying to help a family member immigrate into the country. They may be facing criminal charges. These are weighty life situations, sometimes a matter of life and death, and price is generally NOT going to be the determining factor… IF one option (hopefully you) is perceived as an expert, and the others aren’t.

That’s not to say price is never a factor. Depending on your market and your area of practice, it could be. But the best clients are going to hire you because of your expert status and the value you provide, not because of your price tag. So it’s important to develop this perception of expertise. And the content you put out onto the internet can play a significant role. Here are four examples:

FAQ style videos. Shoot videos of yourself answering common questions and concerns expressed by potential clients. This shows them that you get it, that you understand their needs, and that you know how to help. And video gives them the opportunity to see and hear you speak – allowing you to form a “personal connection” before you’ve even really met. Here’s a great example.

Blog entries. Create blog entries that provide practical and helpful information to your market. Address questions that your potential clients are asking. Break down current events and explain how they matter to your audience. Provide tips and advice for your readers. An example.

Special reports and guides. Create reports and other content that is designed to educate your prospects while still whetting their appetite for your services. Look for common questions, problems, or needs and create a report that provides helpful information on the subject. This can become an excellent marketing tool if you make the report available for free download, in exchange for an email address. You can then continue to stay in touch with the prospect.

News and information on social media. Finally, use your social media platforms as a place to share important news that matters to your target market. If you’re a tax attorney and Congress updates the tax code, let your audience know how it will impact them. This is a way to consistently touch base with your market, stay on their radar screen, and establish your expertise at the same time.

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